++ 2009-09-19++ nocomment at desperate housewives
The nocomment cover of the classic "you spin me round" (originally by Dead Or Alive), originally released 1998 on "Bondage", will appear in the first episode in season 6 of the famous US TV Serial "Desperate Housewives".

The episode will be aired on september 27th in north america.

++ 2008-12-06++ Polyradah Release Party

++ 2008-10-27++ Polyradah Release Party on EBM-Radio
Nocomment special on EBM Radio at Oct. 28 2008 on the release of Polyradah. With lots of music, background information, a lottery and us in the chatroom.

++ 2008-10-20++ Finally...
The Surround-Pop-Movie "Polyradah" will be released at November 14th 2008 oni Echozone/Sony. Among others are on board: Rig of JANUS, Hedge and M. Beck of STILL PATIENT? as well as Harland von NACHZEHRER. Mehr Infos zu Polyradah gibt es hier:

++ 2008-08-10++ Polyradah release is scheduled for Q4 08 on Echozone/SONY
Good news, everyone! The release of our upcoming DVD/CD "Polyradah" is scheduled for Q4 08. It will be published by Echozone/Sony. More infos soon.....

++ 2008-07-16++ Videoclip D’ Clou feat. Nocomment - "Stärker"
We've uploaded the "Stärker" videoclip. Enjoy!

++ 2008-07-07++ Upload "Phoenix" & "Little Boy"
We want SUMMER! And to get on with this we uploaded a summer soundtrack for you, phoenix and little boy...

++ 2008-04-30++ Elektrostaub feat. Nocomment - Relikt
Franziska contributed lyrics and vocals for Elektrostaub. Elektrostaub is the new project of P. Knoch that is featuring different guests from all over the electronic music scene. Check it out on www.myspace.com/elektrostaub. By the way: The male vocals on "Relikt" are by Hedge (Datasushi)

++ 2008-04-30++ Playdead - duet with tEaR!dOwN - vocalist Oli Spring
Nocomment vocalist Franziska performed a duet together with tEaR!dOwN vocalist Oli Spring. The track is called "playdead". You can listen to a demo on tEaR!dOwN's official myspace-site

++ 2008-01-04++ Duet with RIG from Janus
To celebrate the new year we uploaded "Silver Skulls" for you. "Silver Skulls" is a duet with JANUS singer RIG that also appeared on two songs on the "painkiller" album. On Polyradah he is the voice of a bad guy, the boss of the silver skulls. Somehow a formidable choice.

++ 2007-05-23++ nocomment on myspace
Since you all have been so patient, we uploaded three complete new songs from the forthcoming DVD Polyradah to our Myspace.

++ 2007-02-19++ Keys Interview
find a short interview with Franzi and Tom did for the german KEYS magazine

++ 2007-02-11++ "Klangdynamische Bewegung " Sampler released
Kaum da und schon in der Heavy Rotation der Chanteuse!


01. fïx8:sëd8 - Minotaurus
02. Nordschlacht - Collapsing Centuries
03. Wynardtage - The Sin (La Magra Remix) *
04. Discontinued Process - Covert *
05. Acylum - Your Pain
06. Elektrojudas - Cosmos *
07. Niels van Gogh feat. L'image - My Own Religion (Single Version)
08. Human Decay feat. Isabella - Anti-Fate *
09. ChristianIV E.MachinA - le temps qui passe *
10. Die Perlen - Who Is To Blame?
11. Hertzinfarkt - Wir trauen uns was *
12. NoComment - Secrets *
13. File Not Found - Mathematics *
14. dAVOS - Illuminate (Version) *
15. Collapse Project - World Of Lies *
16. Sharon Next - Death Bow (Remixed by Prevetion Of Disharmony) *
17. Sadism Unbound - sc_03-874 *

3inch Bonus CDr [only First Edition - limited to 222 copies]
01. Human Decay feat. Jennifer Parkin - Disbelieve (V01D Remix) *
02. Elektrik Minds - Lichtkraft *
03. ChristianIV E.MachinA - Car Crash *
04. Shift 69 - Audio Measurement (File Not Found Vox Edit) *
05. NeonCoil - Machine (Short) *

* previously unreleased

Bestellen könnt Ihr den schönen Silberling aus dem Hause Klangdynamik Records über Infrarot oder

++ 2006-11-01++ Polyradah-Blog online
For all of you that want to be up to date about Polyradah, the official myspace blog is for you. You'll find a short description of the project and 2 new teasers via YouTube! Have fun,

++ 2006-01-13++ East Club Charts
Strike! We' re now at #10 of the East Club Charts. That's extremely flattering!

++ 2006-01-09++ D'Clou feat. nocomment entered the East Club Charts
2006 starts pretty fine. We just got the news that our current single Stärker entered the East Club Charts on position 14 and the German DJ Charts on 92. This is even better since the top 100 get airplay on Radio Sunshine Live, every saturday 4pm-8pm.

++ 2005-12-23++ Merry X-Mas..
and a happy new year for all of you.

Franzi, Tom und René

++ 2005-12-09++ D'Clou feat. nocomment stärker Single Release
Friday, december 9th Excellent/Zyx releases the Stärker single (enhanced CD, incl. video and remixes). The release is a cooperation with DJ D'Clou, who worked together with other Remixers (like José Alvarez-Brill). Stärker is an older track of the band which was re-recorded for a contemporary style. An album is planned for 2006. Currently the artists work on the follow up single.

++ 2005-12-08++ Surround-pop movie "Polyradah" Trailer online
The band nocomment has finished the recordings for the surround-pop-movie "Polyradah" a while ago. The corresponding movie is in it's final production phase at the swedish Recycled-image-studio, you can watch the first trailer at www.polyradah.com. The release of this mixture between movie and music-video is scheduled for 2007, it will be available on DVD only (surround 5.1, DTS+Dolby Digital).

++ 2005-12-01++ Best of nocomment auf iTunes
If you are interested in the back-catalogue of the band nocomment you can now order it with one click: The latest release of the band "Best of 1992-2004" is now available in all worldwide itunes online-musicstores (search for: nocomment). The double-CD with more than 30 tracks is sold for the regular albumprice of 9,99 Euro/US$.

++ 2004-07-10++ The first teaser...
The first teaser of no comment’s surround-pop-movie “Polyradah” is now online.

++ 2003-11-24++ Demonstration - Depeche Mode + Electro Party 28/01/2003
At the turntables: Darius 242 (Dreampool TV) Elektrostorm (Künstliche Welten) Special Guests: nocomment. Where? Lagerhaus Mannheim, Industriestraße 53a. 28/01/2003 doors open: 10pm

++ 2003-10-08++ Free download of "secrets"
"secrets" is an all-new track and a teaser of the furthcoming no comment DVD "Polyradah", that will be released in 2004. "Polyradah" is the first surround-pop movie and "secrets" one of the songs finished. The video of the song - where you can see no comment performing the song in a strange retro-club - was already filmed in Sweden by director Anders Weberg. The download of the stereo-version of "secrets" is exclusiv and free for the buyers of the "best of 1992-2004".

++ 2003-07-28++ new no comment release as DVD
The new no comment release (current working title "polyradah") will be released as DVD video in Dolby Surround 5.1. No comment singer Franziska: "The release is based on a future style story, so it's obvious to combine film and music as a DVD. This new format offers through surround production far more creative prospects to us than a normal CD. Also, we can visualise more of our ideas through video." The film and computer animations are done by the renowned swedish video artist Anders Weberg (recycled-image-studio). The release is planned for Q2/2004.

++ 2003-07-09++ nocomment back in nanocube
After nocomment singer franziska has finished her degree summa cum laude the band can now focus on the real important tasks : a new nocomment album. More to follow soon....

++ 2003-06-30++ headcleaner remix available in the "best of" downloads
owners of the "bst of 1992-2004" album will find a new track in the bonus downloads: it's not to late in a smashing remix from headcleaner.

++ 2003-06-19++ Nocomment-remix for NamNamBulu
We've just finished a remix of the new NamNamBulu-Single "memories". You can download a mp3-snippet from their pretty cool designed site www.namnambulu.com

++ 2003-05-15++ Stromschlag Vol. 1
nocomment's "phoenix" (e-shock-mix) appears on stromschlag vol.1 tracklist 01: (Intro) Vorsprung Durch Technik - Klang + Bild 02. All For One - The Stars (Zub Zero Edit) 03. No Comment feat. Robert Enforsen - Phoenix (E-Shock Mix) 04. Nik Page - Shape My World (JK Mix) 05. Joke Jay - Fette Leber 06. Shock Of Reality - Faster 07. T.O.Y. - Dream With Me (Massiv In Mensch Remix) 08. Page Of Quire - Forget To Breathe (P24 Spherical Mix) 09. Clear Of Junk - Games (Thrill Mix) 10. Sabotage - Who Am I? (Intruded Mix) 11. Severe Illusion - Movement (Static Edit By The Sepia) 12. Project X - Reminder (E-Craft Remix) 13. Dupont - Another World (Raped By Project X) 14. (Outro) Cyclone B - Sputnik

++ 2003-04-19++ :-)
We wish you a happy easter break! Franzi, Tom and René

++ 2003-04-04++ Celluloide remix in best of downloads
New track in best of downloads is "silent scream" in the minimal mix of French electropop band Celluloide, featuring very charming secondary vocals of their female singer Darkleti...

++ 2003-04-01++ new remixes
regenerator: "hyperspeed" (nocomment rmx) epsilon minus: "80's boy" (nocomment rmx) dust of basement: "falling" (nocomment rmx) sara noxx: "colder" (nocomment rmx)

++ 2003-01-31++ EBM Radio Charts
There is a new cool radio show called "EBM Akut" on EBM Radio. So, if you like you can vote for nocomment - back in the 80's in the EBM-Akut charts. Thanks .-)

++ 2003-01-16++ We're happy to receive two awards
We're happy to receive two awards The Electrogarden Community has elected our remix of De/Vision's "Moments We Shared" for "best remix of 2002". Furthermore Franzi received an award of the American mag Retroactive for "best female vocalist". She has competed with "It's not too late".

++ 2003-01-02++ little boy - pearls of dew remix
We salute 2003 with a brandnew downloadable mp3 track : In the best of-download area you'll find "little boy" remixed by the upcoming electropop band pearls of dew. BTW, they got a brandnew homepage designed by nocomment vocalist Franziska,